build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

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build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

Post by mike » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:39 am

Hi, folks,

It's been a long time without any visible changes, now finally this major overhaul has reached some maturity stage.
I basically rewrote an entire file operations infrastructure which was designed and written back in 2013.
That code has gradually become a burden which was slowing further development of NC.

So, apart from the internal overhaul, here's a list of visible changes:
  • Toolbar now has a much clearer operations display, which can resize with a window. In case of several concurrent operations running in a single window, this display now allows to switch between them much like iTunes does.
  • Error dialogs are much simpler now, I've removed Hide and Retry buttons. Also, now they appears immediately upon undesired event, not waiting to be shown as before.
  • File operations now can be enqueued for later execution. By default, up to 5 concurrent file operation can run inside a single window, any additional operations will await in a queue. Later this amount will be tunable in Preferences.
  • Symlinks operations are now also supported in SFTP VFS.
  • File attributes editing is now supported in SFTP VFS. Specifically: permissions, times and ownership. A cute detail here - NC can show a list of users/groups on a remote host, like it does on a local machine. MacOSX/Linux/xBSD hosts are supported.
  • A progress bar inside the Dock icon now shows an aggregate operations progress, not of a frontmost operation as it was before.
  • Now a completion of a long-running file operation ( >30s ) is indicated with a system notification.
  • Now every file operation has an ETA calculation, previously it was quite ad-hoc.
  • Now file operations record their progress dynamic, I plan to add graphs to visualize it later (much like Windows Explorer does nowadays).
  • Show Hidden Files shortcut was changed to "shift+cmd+.".
  • Fixed an issue with invalid item icons on VFS.
The build itself:

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

Post by warpkanal » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:02 am

Like that development direction!
Haven't noticed problems so far (ok, only 1 day of usage so far)
Move to trash feels somehow snappier (but could be my imagination only :) )

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Re: build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

Post by bchuter » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:30 pm

mike wrote:
Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:54 pm
It's on its way. A preview build of v1.2.2 already has a concept of operations queue, with a default concurrency set to 5 operations, next build will allow to alter this value. When this value is set to 1, any subsequent file operation will wait in the queue until previous one is done.
Hi Mike
On the copy queue....
I think you need to add the option wether to queue the copy or not.
So hit "F5" copy popup menu appears, you then have an option to just hit "OK" which will copy the item/items as is or there is another button with "F2"
which allows you to specify that this copy should be put into a queue.
The way you have implemented it, does not give you a choice if you want the copy in a queue or not. So if you set your value to 1 all copies are queued. The problem with this method is....if i have just selected 100 Movie files of 1gig each that copy is going to take a while.....but in the meantime i want to just copy some small file items documents or photos etc.....i now have to wait for the queue to finish before my documents or photos are copied.....i use this method all the time in TC. when im moving large amounts of data / files around i put them in a queue by hitting F2, i can then continue to navigate etc and still copy other items outside of the queue. Because im only copying smaller items outside of the queue the disk seek speed is not really hit hard as im only copying small files simultaneously.
With your method (with the current defualt of 5 before queue or no option to select to queue)
I have to start up 5 simultaneous file copies, which sends the hard drive into overdrive with seek time which actually slows your entire copy down due to the mad disk seeks to try and copy 5 files at the same time. If you were to change your default setting of 5 to 1 then you avoid the crazy disk seek issues mentioned but then you have no choice but to wait for the queue to finish before you can copy your next lot of items.
hope im making sense here.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

Post by swoop » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:58 am

@Mike, I have found a bug in this build, but mentioned in another thread. ... 1507#p1507
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Re: build 2371 - overhaul of file operations

Post by mike » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:40 am

Guys, please, fall back to the stable release v1.2.1 - the issue mentioned here is quite severe.
Sorry for the situation.

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