Version 1.2.2 released

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Version 1.2.2 released

Post by mike » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:55 am

Hi, folks!

v1.2.2 is officially here: ... (2449).dmg
The build is already available in the auto-update system.

Here's the final list of changes in this version:
  • Added a new VFS: WebDAV.
  • Made some enhancements for APFS and macOS High Sierra compatibility.
  • SFTP now supports changing of file attributes and creation of symbolic links.
  • File operations UI has got a much clearer design.
  • Added notifications support.
  • Made many improvements in drag & drop functionality.
  • "Copy As" file operation now focuses the resulting item.
- Progress indicator in Dock is now much easier to read.
  • Show Hidden Files shortcut was changed to "Shift+Cmd+.".
  • Fixed the lack of undo/redo when doing an in-place item renaming.
  • Fixed the issue with invalid item icons in virtual file systems.
Thanks for everyone who participated with their ideas, suggestions and bug reports!

With regards,

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