Strange Panel Behaviour/Freezing after batch rename

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Strange Panel Behaviour/Freezing after batch rename

Post by pwu » Thu Sep 14, 2023 2:56 pm

Hi Mike,

it's an old bug and finally I've decided to report about it!

during batch rename process (1000+ files) and few minutes after active panel isn't browsing through folders/volumes, stucking in a top row position. It happens while and till little rotating grey circle appearing in the right top corner of the panel. After it disappears everything works fine. It's not a big problem, but just annoying cause you can't use one panel until grey circle disappears and sometimes and might take 1-3-5 minutes (depending on batch size and drive speed)

Here is a link for screen recording ... 2858u&dl=0

Will be very glad if it might be easily fixed and thank you for your amazing job!

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