Single click mode suggestions

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Single click mode suggestions

Post by rail4you » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:55 pm

Single click is better than double click, because it saves one extra click for nagivation. In windows, many xxxx commanders (Total commander, double commander ...) have a single click mode, you can single click the folders or files to open them.

In Mac, I really miss this small but useful feature, I didn't find a mac file manager support single click mode. I really wish nc can bring back single click mode for the TC users.

One extra suggestion:
Single click a file to open is very easy to make an accidental operation, the better way of single click mode is:
1. only single click on a folder open the folder.
2. double click on a file open the file.
3. shift or commander + click just select folders or files as normal.
4. other small tips, single click the folder of an opposite panel just select the folder first.

This special mixed click mode is a TC way (TC has a setting to use this mode), I use it for many years and I think it's the best way to use single click mode.

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