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Preview settings

Post by maxim » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:49 pm

Hi there! Not sure if that's possible at all, I'll it give a shot. I use preview quite a lot (hit space to see a file preview in the other panel). Overall it works fine, but there's a room for improvement:
1. It opens small images upscaled to fit the panel. Small icons are turned into an interpolated pixel mess. Any chance to introduce the setting to open small things at 100% scale (but still downsize large images if they are larger than the pane)? I believe that's how macos preview works for me by default when I open it outside of the NC.
2. Would be cool to be able to use cmd+/- to change image zoom and smth like cmd+0 to reset zoom to 100%/fit. This is not that important as the previous one from my perspective.
3. If 2 is possible (or 1 is not possible), would also help to be able to turn off bicubic interpolation for enlarged images.

I understand this technology relies on the systemwide feature that may be difficult to control. Saying this, it looks like original mac preview app supports all of those little things so maybe there is a way to fine tune how preview is integrated in the app?

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Re: Preview settings

Post by mike » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:37 am

Apparently some things need clarification here.
NC uses a pluggable system-wide technology called QuickLook.
This API is very lean and provides no control of its behavior or presentation: ... guage=objc
View-based(QLPreviewView) and panel-based(QLPreviewPanel) variants have slightly different behavior, but neither of these is controlled by an app anyway., on the other hand, has nothing in common with QuickLook - it uses a completely separate framework which is not available publicly.
So adding these settings/hotkeys means basically writing the entire functionality from scratch. Such endeavor is simply out of the equation at the moment.

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