Do not queue MKDIR / DELETE operations

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Do not queue MKDIR / DELETE operations

Post by swoop » Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:08 pm

For some time, I tried working around it, but now I have to ask for this feature.

I have NC set to Allow "1" simultaneous file operations - when copying files over the line or on slow drives, this actually doesn't slow down the operations. However, quite often when I'm moving files and folders I hit a wall in user experience.

I'd welcome if I could create Folders without the creation being queued. That will allow me to create a folder while other files are already being copied and then I can queue other files to be copied in the newly created folder. The same holds for deleting files and folders.

Can 'folder creation' and 'delete' action be taken out of queuing? They are in nature 'atomic' actions. Also, (don't kill me for this) TC does it that way as well.

Something like
(•) Do not queue 'Create Folder' actions
( ) Do not queue 'Delete' actions

Or maybe we could have a button on (all?) file operations to skip queue?
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