Two panel F3 -> Viewer

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Two panel F3 -> Viewer

Post by donaldinos » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:06 am


i want to have functionality of View file content not on single file, but also on two different files, when i use Two panel mode.
So i'm on left panel, when i push F3 on left panel on some file, it opens internal viewer only in size of left panel (not in full window size like now) and right panel stay in classic listing mode. So in left panel i see content of opened file and on right panel i see listing of a folder.
When i switch to the right panel with TAB, the left panel will stay opened.
Now, when i push F3 on some file in right panel, it opens another file in internal viewer mode. So now i will see one file content in left panel and another file content on right panel.

It's possible implement this feature ?

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Re: Two panel F3 -> Viewer

Post by mike » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:45 pm


It's doable but would require some work on better integration of panel "overlays", like Brief System Information or Quick Look at the moment.
Currently it's presumed that panel overlays can't receive any user input.

Also, this would probably cause confusion regarding "destination" of a command - some panel overlays would appear on top of an opposite panel, while this would appear on top of current panel.

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