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[IDEA] Support for .paths files (dotPaths)

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2022 11:28 am
by JayB
The specs are here:

One of the apps that currently supports dotPaths is Tempelmann's FindAnyFile, and there are three options for display/preview: tree, list & icon view (see appended screenshots below).

Would it be possible for NC to support dotPaths files? I.e. when you have selected a .paths file and hit [RETURN] or double-click, then NC would open a kind of preview window, e.g. a list (but with full file paths please, filename, size, mod date etc.), and options to reveal file, open file, or preview contents, as it is possible in NC search. (An optional tree view would also be nice.)

Contents of the test .paths used below:

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# dotPaths test file