Build 3628 - more goodies for v1.3

Alpha/Beta versions for early access to new half-cooked features
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Build 3628 - more goodies for v1.3

Post by mike » Thu Apr 15, 2021 9:17 pm

Hi all,

Here's another preview of v1.3, what's new in it:
  • NC can now handle locked item (i.e. with UF_IMMUTABLE).
    Copying/Moving/Renaming and Deletion operations will offer unlocking such items if an issue is encountered.
  • A generic error dialog shown by file operations can implicitly mark the "Apply to All" checkbox if Shift is pressed.
  • Batch Rename now offers [P] and [G] placeholders for parent and grandparent directory names retrospectively.
    These placeholders support text processing as [N] and [E] do.
    The filename placeholder [A] now also supports text processing as well.
The build itself is available here: ... (3628).dmg

Your feedback is welcome.


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