Build 3704 - v1.3 RC

Alpha/Beta versions for early access to new half-cooked features
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Build 3704 - v1.3 RC

Post by mike » Sun Oct 03, 2021 1:29 pm

Hi folks,

Here's the latest preview of the changes for the v1.3. Hopefully it will be released soon.
What has been changed recently for this version:
  • NC can now filter which file operations should be enqueued and which should always start immediately. (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=443)
  • NC now supports 1 command-line option and 2 command-line commands:
    -NCLogLevel <level>: Sets a logging level for all subsystems. Levels are: off, trace, debug, info, warn, err, critical.
    --install-privileged-helper: Installs the Admin Mode helper.
    --uninstall-privileged-helper: Stops and uninstalls the Admin Mode helper.
  • Brief System information now shows additional info in the CPU and the RAM boxes.
  • Now the toolbar tries to resolve a full path for short names of CLI tools, i.e. 'zip', to properly show their icons. A question mark will now be shown in case the path couldn't be resolved.
The build itself is available here: ... (3704).dmg

Your feedback is welcome.


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