History of changes

1.2.5 (27 Nov 2018):

  • Updated to support macOS Mojave.
  • Copy/Move operation can now keep both items when a destination already exists.
  • File panels can now restore their saved states synchronously to reduce flicker on window creation.
  • Field rename editor now commits an edit when its window loses focus.
  • New action: “Close Other Tabs” (Alt+Cmd+W).
  • The “+” button on the tab bar now reacts on the right click the same way as on the long press.
  • Improved unmounting of APFS volumes. Now NC will eject an underlying physical storage too.
  • Lots of bugfixes and internal improvements.

1.2.4 (27 Feb 2018):

  • Added an ability to restore recently closed tabs via Shift+Cmd+R hotkey, or via Go->Recently Closed menu or via Plus button on the tab bar.
  • Temporary panels are now stored in navigation history.
  • Fixed the issue with APFS performance when copying large files.
  • Fixed the issue with directories overwriting by moving.
  • SFTP now supports falling back to rm+mv when a remote server refuses to perform an overwriting rename command.
  • Fixed an issue of reporting an invalid size in temporary panels under certain conditions.
  • Quick Search now allows arrow navigation inside matching results when it shows all items.
  • Esc button can now return a window from full screen mode.

1.2.3 (12 Dec 2017):

  • Improved UI for hotkeys customization.
  • Now supporting Preview as a floating window.
  • Selected items now have a highlighted background.
  • Added support for dragging panel tabs between left and right sides.
  • Sync Panels action now supports cloning of a temporary panel.
  • Improved navigation with Alt+Arrows/Shift+Alt+Arrows in controls with filenames.
  • Now clicking on a selected tab of a non-active pane will activate it.
  • Improved the performance of SFTP operations.
  • Fixed the issue with symlinks handling during the Copy operation.
  • Fixed the issue with hidden symlinks being shown on certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue with QuickLook failure when the Classic theme is selected.
  • Fixed the issue with wrong timestamps after copying to an SMB mount.

1.2.2 (19 Sep 2017):

  • Added a new VFS: WebDAV.
  • Made some enhancements for APFS and macOS High Sierra compatibility.
  • SFTP now supports changing of file attributes and creation of symbolic links.
  • File operations UI has got a much clearer design.
  • Added notifications support.
  • Made many improvements in drag & drop functionality.
  • “Copy As” file operation now focuses the resulting item.
  • Progress indicator in Dock is now much easier to read.
  • Show Hidden Files shortcut was changed to “Shift+Cmd+.”.
  • Fixed the lack of undo/redo when doing an in-place item renaming.
  • Fixed the issue with invalid item icons in virtual file systems.

1.2.1 (29 May 2017):

  • Added a new VFS: Dropbox.
  • Added support for mounting of network shares.
  • Added the network connections management window.
  • Added a customizable favorite locations list.
  • “Favorites” pop-up now has a section with frequently visited locations.
  • Navigation pop-ups now support a quick selection by keyboard typing.
  • “Duplicate” command is now accessible via the main menu or via the Cmd+D hotkey.

1.2.0 (4 Mar 2017):

  • General UI overhaul: File panels presentation was rewritten from scratch.
  • File panels can now be scrolled without cursor movement.
  • Added customizable file panel layouts.
  • File columns can now have dynamic width.
  • Added a new feature: Themes.
  • Added Dark Mode support.
  • Sort mode indicator in the top-left corner became a button with a pop-up options list.
  • Added the file icon size option: 1x, 2x, or disabled.
  • Thumbnail generation now respects HiDPI displays.
  • When using Quick Search, the “Show only matching items” option is now selected by default.
  • Quick Search now underscores query matches in file names.
  • Improved saving and restoring of window states.
  • Added cascading of new windows.
  • All alert windows can now be controlled with arrow keys.
  • Improved drag & drop functionality.
  • Fixed the issue with Ctrl+Tab processing.
  • Date Added column is now shown in Full view mode.
  • Added new hotkeys to scroll the file panel without moving the cursor: Alt+Home, Alt+End, Alt+PageUp, Alt+PageDown.
  • Shift+Cmd+C/Alt+Cmd+C now copies file names/paths of all selected items.
  • When working with FTP, Cmd+R forces the VFS to reload a directory listing.
  • Fixed stability issues with SFTP connections.
  • Added support for .xz archives.
  • Allowed opening of partially damaged archives.
  • Added automatic encoding detection when working with archives.
  • Volumes are now properly ejected after being unmounted.
  • OS X 10.10 is no longer supported.

1.1.5 (30 Sep 2016):

  • Now the Find Files dialog can peek into archives.
  • Made various UI improvements to the Find Files dialog.
  • Now Internal Viewer can be shown in a separate window.
  • Added support for archive handling on any VFS (that is, in other archives, on network filesystems, etc.).
  • Added a startup mode setting for external tools.
  • Now the terminal shell can be customized. Three shells are supported: bash, zsh, and [t]csh.
  • If the shell was terminated (via exit, ^D, etc.), NC can revive it.
  • Assigned “Compress Here” to F9, and “Compress to Opposite Panel” to Shift+F9.
  • Now the File Already Exists dialog treats a pressed Shift key as an automatic “Apply to All”.
  • Now toolbars can be customized.
  • Now consequent Ctrl+F6 hits switch the selection between the filename without the extension, the file extension, and the whole filename.
  • Added a new customizable hotkey: “Invert current item selection”.
  • Batch Rename: Now source items can be removed via the context menu or by using the backspace key.
  • Made many other improvements concerning usability, performance, and stability.

1.1.4 (30 July 2016):

MAS-only maintenance update.

1.1.3 (27 July 2016):

  • Added External Tools integration support: Quickly open any application with a variety of parameters based on the current focus/selection/path, etc.
  • Added a new option to overwrite older files during a copy or move operation.
  • Now External Editors can be used with any virtual file system, and changed files will be uploaded back.
  • Added the new ⇧⌘P shortcut to toggle single-pane or dual-pane mode.
  • Now deleting a file with process information in PSFS (Processes List) will kill that process.
  • Added access to F1 … F19 buttons regardless of system settings.
  • Enabled scripting with AppleScript.
  • Now in case of drag & drop within NC, it will check whether the source and target filesystems are the same. Based on that information, NC will choose between moving and copying. Of course, the keyboard modifiers (Ctrl for linking, Alt for copying, Cmd for moving) will be considered, too.
  • Added new shortcuts: F9 to compress items in the target panel, and ⇧F9 to compress items in the current panel.
  • Fixed the issue with unmountable volumes (for example, USB flash drives that were locked by the built-in terminal and could not be ejected).
  • Built-in terminal will no longer produce error messages on USB sticks with FAT32.
  • Made some improvements in the handling of symbolic links inside archives.
  • Fixed some visual and stability bugs.

1.1.2 (7 June 2016):

  • Changed the application’s title to Nimble Commander
  • Added basic support for editing remote files
  • Added support for lightweight search with Spotlight
  • Added the new ⌥⌘V shortcut to move item here
  • Added support for remapping the main navigation keys
  • Fixed the problem of connecting to SSH-less SFTP servers
  • Fixed the issue with changing the case when renaming folders
  • Made some improvements in the FindFiles panel’s UI
  • Made lots of other minor fixes and improvements

1.1.1 (14 March 2016):

  • Added a new editable JSON-based config
  • Added ability to save and restore file panels states
  • Now extension-based sorting follows the case-sensitivity option
  • Now file search shows the current search path
  • Added basic support for encrypted Zip archives
  • Added text selection in the terminal emulator by double- and triple-clicking
  • Added different filenames trimming options
  • Added the ^F6 shortcut to rename an item in place
  • Added the ⌥⌘↩ shortcut to open an item in opposite panel tab
  • Fixed many bugs and did many other improvements

1.1.0 (2 December 2015):

  • Added ability to display search results as a temporary file panel
  • Added ability to modify the extended attributes (xattr) with the ⌥⌘X hotkey, like usual files
  • Added copy verification with MD5 checksum checking
  • Added quick selection/deselection by extension: ⌥⌘- / ⌥⌘=
  • Added ability to work as NSFileViewer
  • Now Enter opens a file as an archive only if the file has an appropriate extension
  • Fixed many bugs and did many other improvements, including huge code refactoring
  • OS X 10.9 is no longer supported

1.0.9 (31 August 2015):

  • Added the “overlapped” built-in terminal mode
  • Added the blinking cursor in the terminal
  • Added automatic version update mechanism
  • Added navigation quick lists with ⌘1-⌘5
  • Added support for archiving folders with symlinks
  • Improved drag & drop
  • Improved stability and performance

1.0.8 (25 June 2015):

  • Added the Batch Rename feature
  • Added an option to hide a scrollbar in the terminal
  • Added the ~ shortcut to go to Home directory
  • Added the / shortcut to go to Root directory
  • Fixed window size changing after switching to terminal or viewer mode
  • Did optimizations and fixed minor bugs

1.0.7 (28 April 2015):

  • Updated the look in modern presentation mode
  • Now a network connection can have an arbitrary title
  • Now recent network connections are shown in the GoTo pop-up menu
  • Added ability to edit or remove network connections in the Connect To menu by pressing the ⇧ or ⌥ key
  • Updated the Go To Folder sheet with autocomplete
  • Added empty file creation with the ⌥⌘N hotkey
  • OS X 10.8 is no longer supported
  • Fixed bugs and did other improvements

1.0.6 (18 February 2015):

  • Added support for Zip64 and WARC archives
  • Fixed connectivity issues when using the OS X built-in SFTP server
  • Fixed bugs and did minor improvements

1.0.5 (23 January 2015):

  • Added ability to save remote connections
  • Added Russian translation
  • Added checking of Trash availability in a volume
  • Now a single backspace is treated as Go to Enclosing Folder
  • Improved stability
  • OS X 10.7 is no longer supported

1.0.4 (12 December 2014):

  • Added the admin mode (requires OS X 10.10)
  • Added support for key-based SFTP authentication
  • Added the “Invert selection” hotkey: ^⌘A
  • Added more tab selection hotkeys: ⇧⌘[ and ⇧⌘]
  • Fixed bugs and did other improvements

/* interstellar wormhole travel happened here */

0.6.3 (21 November  2014):

  • Added support for tabs
  • Added file size display options
  • Added support for symlinks in archives
  • Improved stability and performance

0.6.2 (27 October 2014):

  • Updated the application to be compatible with OS X Yosemite
  • Added file checksum calculation
  • Added history in the Find Files sheet
  • Improved drag & drop
  • Added the “New folder” hotkey: ⇧⌘N
  • Added the “New folder with items” hotkey: ^⌘N
  • Now the space key opens preview
  • Now the bundles preview works with archives/FTP/SFTP
  • Fixed bugs

0.6.1 (6 September 2014):

  • Added support for SFTP
  • Added simplified quick search and files selecting by mask
  • Improved stability and performance

0.6.0 (7 August 2014):

  • Added support for FTP
  • Added custom filenames coloring based on filters

0.5.9 (10 July 2014):

  • Improved Unicode support in classic panel presentation and terminal emulator
  • Added ability to load the file encoding setting from the com.apple.TextEncoding extended attribute
  • Added the option to show localized filenames
  • Added keyboard shortcut editing in the Preferences window
  • Changed panel sorting hotkeys to ^⌘1-^⌘5
  • Added the “Eject volume” hotkey: ⌘E
  • Now by default QuickSearch works without key modifiers
  • Fixed minor bugs

0.5.8 (19 June 2014):

  • Added in-place files renaming by mouse click
  • Added terminal settings customization
  • Added new hotkeys for panels proportion changing: ^← / ^→ and ^⌥← / ^⌥→

0.5.7 (25 May 2014):

  • Added icons and thumbnails caching for smooth navigation
  • Added virtual file system with processes list and corresponding information
  • Fixed drag & drop of multiple files in some applications
  • Added the “Open directory in opposite panel” hotkey: ⌥↩
  • Did many stability and performance improvements

0.5.6 (22 April 2014):

  • Added support for integration of external editors, both native apps and terminal ones
  • Added Volume Information bar which displays a free space
  • Added ability to cancel opening of a big file in the internal viewer
  • Improved stability and performance

0.5.5 (28 March 2014):

  • Improved RAR archives support
  • Added calculation of all subdirectories’ sizes with the ^⇧↩ hotkey
  • Now directory contents are re-sorted by size after subdirectory size calculation
  • Added a hotkey to invert selection of the current item and move to the next one: Insert (fn↩)
  • Slightly changed the look of the toolbar
  • Added the ⌥⌘T hotkey to show/hide the toolbar
  • Now a progress bar is shown in the application’s dock icon during file operations
  • Now the attention dialog opens if a problem occurs when a file operation starts
  • Now the internal viewer can also be closed with the hotkey used for opening it: ⌥F3
  • Fixed invalid coloring in terminal sessions and occasional problems with some binaries
  • Fixed many bugs and did stability improvements

0.5.4 (28 February 2014):

  • Added file search with options for filename mask, size, and contained text
  • Now toolbars can be hidden
  • Added support for the editable menu’s keyboard shortcuts via ~/Library/Application Support/Files/shortcuts.plist configuration file with defaults stored in ShortcutsDefaults.plist

0.5.3 (9 February 2014):

  • Added drag & drop support

0.5.2 (20 January 2014):

  • Added quick search options for soft/hard filtering and modifier keys
  • Fixed bugs and did minor improvements

0.5.1 (30 December 2013):

  • Added the ⌘⌫ shortcut to quickly move files to Trash
  • Added the ⌥⇧↩ shortcut to calculate directories’ sizes
  • Added the ⌥⇧⌘I shortcut to show/hide invisible files
  • Now invisible files are grayed in modern presentation mode
  • Added the Go submenu offering a set of standard folders with shortcuts
  • Added the ⇧⌘G shortcut to invoke the Go To Folder sheet
  • Added history navigation with ⌘[ and ⌘]
  • Now a file panel’s Go To menu is invoked with F1 / F2 instead of ⌥F1 / ⌥F2
  • Now the Go To menu shows the same items as in Finder’s Favorites
  • Now the Go To menu items have quick-access hotkeys: 1, 2, … ,9, 0, -, =
  • Improved stability and performance

0.5.0 (17 December 2013):

  • Added a built-in terminal emulator

0.4.4 (14 November 2013):

  • Added a context menu to file panel items
  • Did minor improvements

0.4.3 (31 October 2013):

  • Added compression support: ability to archive files to the Zip format
  • Improved stability and performance

0.4.2 (19 October 2013):

  • Added the “Share” button for quick sharing of files and folders
  • Now panels proportion can be changed by dragging the splitter
  • Now QuickLook is integrated into the main window
  • Added the “Brief System Overview” pane

0.4.1 (3 October 2013):

  • Added pasteboard support: using ⌘C/⌘C to copy/paste files across the system
  • Added a hotkey to copy the currently selected entry name/path
  • Added a hotkey to go to the upper directory
  • Added an option to include other windows’ paths into the GoTo menu
  • Added the internal viewer’s search options and recent searches history
  • Implemented smooth scrolling in the internal viewer
  • Improved stability and performance

0.4.0 (19 September 2013):

  • Added archive browsing support: opening, viewing (with the internal viewer or QuickLook), and copying files from archives like from regular folders
  • Added support for the following formats: zip, tar, bz2, gz, pax, cpio, lha, ar, cab, mtree, iso, rar
  • Now the application can open archives regardless of their extension, including docx, xlsx, etc.
  • Did minor performance improvements

0.3.2 (15 August 2013):

  • Added a tooltip widget for fast file searching (when typing with the ⌥ button)
  • Added ability to fine-tune file copying (advanced settings)
  • Added an option for numeric file sorting
  • Now the GoTo buttons display icons for folders
  • Added support for file selection by mask/wildcard
  • Now the internal text/hex viewer can save selection in the file
  • Now the size of the “..” directory can be calculated with F3, like in other cases
  • Added a volume eject/unmount button in the main window
  • Added a new preferences window with many customization options
  • Improved stability and performance

0.3.1 (6 July 2013):

  • Added support for link handling: creating symlinks and hardlinks, editing existing symlinks
  • Did lots of internal viewer enhancements: history saving, per-word and per-line selection, right shift+click handling, selection in hexadecimal mode, and more

0.3.0 (23 June 2013):

  • Added a built-in file viewer with textual and hexadecimal data presentation, capable of handling even multi-gigabyte files
  • Fixed minor bugs and did minor improvements

0.2.0 (24 May 2013):

  • Added a new presentation mode
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7
  • Did lots of minor improvements

0.1.0 (1 May 2013):

  • Initial release