Nimble Commander

Dual-pane file manager
with classic design

Familiar Mac swiftness, charged for power users:
• Software developers
• System administrators
• IT professionals and enthusiasts

Nimble Commander's UI Item selection and filtering Custom file search Using regular tools to edit remote files Overlapped terminal and temporary panel Classic monospaced presentation mode Built-in terminal emulator

Product Focus


Nimble Commander is built with efficiency in mind to ensure the minimum consumption of system resources. Written mostly in C++, it provides blazing performance and instantaneous user interface response. For instance, handling dozens of windows and tabs is no big deal.


Following the strong traditions of orthodox dual-panel file managers, Nimble Commander provides quick keyboard access to file management operations. To save your time, there are keyboard shortcuts for more than a hundred actions.


Nimble Commander is designed to be flexible and comfortable for a vast range of uses. Colors, sizes, fonts, presentation types, filename trimming, quick search behavior, external tools, terminal emulator position, hotkeys layout – you can customize all of that.

Major Features

File Search

Locate items by their attributes or content by using custom search or with Spotlight. You can feed search results to a panel and manipulate items as if they were in a regular directory.

File Viewer

The built-in file viewer can show content in a textual or hexadecimal representation. If the file is large, only a tiny part of it will be loaded into the memory, which enables you to handle even multi-gigabyte files.

Batch Renaming

You can easily mass-rename files based on sophisticated patterns by using this feature. The Batch Rename tool allows you to decompose filenames, insert date & time, search & replace, define counters, and transform the letter case.

Terminal Emulator

You can open the built-in UNIX terminal emulator in one click. It will use the same window. When you navigate within panels or by using the plain “cd” command, the shell and the panel always stay in sync. You can also use an overlapped terminal simultaneously with file panels.

Archives Handling

With Nimble Commander, you can browse archive files like regular folders, and access separate items within them without unpacking the whole data. Compression into Zip archives is supported, too.


Nimble Commander lets you connect to remote FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Dropbox servers and use all its built-in tools there. You can also open remote files in other applications for editing; your changes will be uploaded back to the server.

System Info

Useful system information, including general CPU/RAM usage, free disk space, and other statistics on file systems or running processes with corresponding details.

Attributes Editing

Customize UNIX & BSD flags, file times, and the ownership of multiple items. You can also access the extended file attributes of a selected item and handle them like regular files.

Admin mode

No need in “sudo” or in restarting an app under another user. Just toggle the admin mode and gain an unrestricted root access within the same file panels. Of course, Nimble Commander will ask you for administrator’s credentials first.

Classic Mode

Are you missing UI with monospaced font? Here is the Classic Presentation, which allows you to use the traditional layout without sacrificing the modern integration level.

Hash Calculation

Need to know a file’s CRC32/MD5/SHA2 or other hash code? It is literally two key presses away.

Links Handling

You can use the handy user interface to make hard links, or to edit existing or create new symbolic links. No terminal is required.

Versions Comparison

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App Store
Background file operations
Presentation modes
Tabbed interface
Drag&drop support
Sorting by criterion
Quick Look
Navigation by typing
Filtering by typing
History navigation
Selection by mask
Navigation quick lists
Quick selection by extension
File search
External editors
Copied files verification
Search results panelizing
Search with Spotlight
Files compression
Archives browsing
External Tools support
Built-in viewer
Batch renaming
FTP client
SFTP client
WebDAV client
Dropbox client
Remote files editing
UNIX&BSD flags editing
Brief system overview
Ext. attributes modification
Volume information
Links manipulation
Processes info
Checksum calculation
Custom themes
Admin mode
Built-in terminal
Network shares mounting
F1..F19 without Fn key
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