Nimble Commander - the driver of the everyday workflow

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Nimble Commander - the driver of the everyday workflow

Post by don » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:15 pm

Good day.

Just wanted to share a bit of my experience of using Nimble Commander (and I just have noticed that it abbreviates to NC - nice one, Mike).

NC drives my daily workflow - it is alway open and it is the tool that initiates a majority of my dev operations. Even when I need to start a terminal, I would go to NC first, get to the place I need to be quickly (through favorites, history or go to shortcut) and then open the terminal with yet another shortcut. Awesome.

Quick file edits - the same - F4.

Search, file operations, network operations - SFTP - everything.

Absolutely key to everything, essentially unlocked MAc platform for me.

The only mismatch is probably the name. While the tool is indeed, "nimble" I do not think it is a "commander". For my purposes it is already either a "Captain" or "Commodore". Refer here -

Thank you Mike for a wonderful tool.

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Re: Nimble Commander - the driver of the everyday workflow

Post by JayB » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:09 pm

I agree. NC helps a lot, makes everything so much easier. (And, compared to Finder, a lot faster!) The admin mode is important. FTP is awesome. There are probably a lot of little enhancements to do, probably there will be little enhancements to do forever ;) but it's already a powerful software I couldn't live without anymore.

As for the name: "Commander" is an obvious reference to the orthodox origins, but if I had to name my own Finder replacement file manager, I'd call it "Keeper", as in "finders keepers". ;)