Background color for selected items [DONE]

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Re: Background color for selected items [DONE]

Post by sasha » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:03 pm

I agree, it doesn't look good in the current state.'s traditional view also has different list background colors. But they cover the complete line width, like NC's wide view (which I only use) and here, it looks ok:
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In your example (short view) the colored lines ending in the middle look unfamiliar and non-standard. The alternating background rows and the different font colors also add visual noise in both (short and wide) cases. I'm no designer and I don't see how that can be done in a visually appealing way.

My original motivation was to make NC use macOS's UI standards (e.g. selection has different background color) wherever possible. Maybe NC's old-school cursor/selection behavior (which is great!) just isn't compatible with it. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it... So after seeing it, I don't mind if you revert to the old NC behavior - but thanks a lot for giving it a try!

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