Queued transfers show no destination folder

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Queued transfers show no destination folder

Post by gentux » Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:04 pm

Hi Mike

Thanks for releasing Version 1.3.0 with the new queueing system I apreciate a lot when moving lots of files to NAS.

But I've noticed that queued transfers don't yet show the destination directory which can be helpful when I'm moving lots of subfolders to keep track of what I've already put in Queue and what I still need to.

It will show it correctly once it starts the actual transfer however.

To reproduce:
1. Create Folder A and B (on SMB file share to reproduce my setup)
2. Set Queue limit to 1 (just to make it easier)
3. Move something big into folder A.
4. Move something into folder B.
5. Check the entry on the top progress indicator where it says: Moving n items to ""

An example where I encountered this is when I move content to resolution specific subfolders out of a big folder having all sort of stuff. Of course the workaround would be to start with the lowest or highest resolution so that you won't miss them anyway but I thought it would be nice to have it show the destination while in Queue so I can double check it.

But as said thank you very much for this great tool I use every day I'm using a mac.

Best regards,
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