Additional copy/ move options: to handle existing files

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Additional copy/ move options: to handle existing files

Post by chrengel67 » Mon Nov 27, 2023 7:58 am

Hello Mike,

I have to transfer a lot of data between my disks every day. My life would be easier, if you could add a few options from which you could choose, when you initiate the copy or move.

The background: I often copy overnight, only to find out in the morning that the process stopped, because there was a pop up user dialog (to answer what to do)

Here are my suggestions:

This is only for the case, that the file your copying already exisits in the location your are copying it to:

1. Only overwrite files which are smaller than the files you are copying. Skip the rest
2. Do not overwrite (= skip)
3. Ask the user
4. Overwrite files which are older
5. Overwrite, no matter what

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Re: Additional copy/ move options: to handle existing files

Post by JayB » Sat Dec 16, 2023 9:17 am

6. Only overwrite files whose hashes are different
7. Delete original after successful copy (only selectable when using copy instead of move)

Some thoughts:

* some of these options can imho already be dealt with using rsync, so users can probably just create a Tool in NC Settings that calls a shell script which uses rsync plus osascript for user options selection

* if added to NC as a built-in function, it should not change the way the commands Copy (CMD-C) or Paste (CMD-V) or Move (CMD-OPT-V) work… it should then be available as alternate commands, e.g. "Discrete Paste" and "Discretely Move Item(s) Here" using a different/alternate menu bar item and shortcut, e.g. CMD-CTRL-V (for "Discrete Paste") or CMD-OPT-CTRL-V (for "Discretely Move Item(s) Here"), followed by an initial pop-up where the user can select the paste or move options.