Connections management improvements

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Connections management improvements

Post by eagle » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:32 pm

There are a few improvements that should make life better for users who connects to remote servers with Nimble Commander:

1. I would like to set a start directory when you connect to a remote server via SFTP, it always connects to the home directory now.

2. Better UX at Connections (cmd+K) - filtering like you can do at Go to (F1/F2), different ways of sorting - by title (currently it is sorted by last usage), etc.

3. Larger list of recent remote servers at Go to (F1/F2) list (10-20 items) and every server record should remember the last accessed directory.

4. Add server name to favourites(bookmarks) of remote directory. When I add to favourites a remote server and directory, it always has a name of directory (but I have the same directory name at multiple servers): now it looks just 'log', it would be much better to see something like 'log@server'


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